Employee Referral Program


What products are eligible for referral?

  • All new and used vehicles. PowerHouse equipment (motorcycles, generators, lawn equipment, etc.) are not eligible.

Who is eligible to receive a referral?

  • All associates except managers and directors. Sales associates may not get a referral from the store where they are employed. Service Advisors must accompany the service customer to a Sales Manager. If the service customer goes to the showroom on their own you will not qualify for a referral.

What must I do to get paid?

  • All associates must simply register your referral online at rickcase.com/Referrals prior to your referral’s visit to the store. You must complete this online or you will not be paid.

When will I get paid?

  • Once the deal is completed, delivery made, and paid, an approved check will be generated and sent to the General Manager of that store.